Classic Mini Owners Group based in the North West, UK. (est 2007)

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Hello and welcome to This group is for Classic Mini Owners who want to have fun with their Classic Minis, not only going to mini events, but other car shows, car events, classic events, along with camping and fun convoy trips throughout the year.

  As we are a new group and still in the early stages of development we have decided not to charge a membership fee. Our Members now visit North Manchester Classic Mini Club ( which started in 2011 and we hope to have a large number of events to attend through the year, which we did as many as 35 in 2011. Our members have been involved with owning Minis & help rally them for many years, with every form of Mini event including shows, road runs, days out and fun camping events. We are looking for dedicated Mini owners who want to enjoy the Mini on the roads it should be on, as well as take it to show events, both local and national. A full list of events can be found on our facebook pages


A big thanks to all our friends and fellow Mini owners who joined us on our 27 events in 2010 and 35 events in 2011 with everything from watching the World Rally event in Wales to a local Classic Car show, London to Brighton to the Cooper Day at Beaulieu. We have covered all types of shows, events all of which will be posted in the events Photos area or on our Facebook group page.


For more details on our group join us at "MINI 7 ORG" on Facebook or see this link


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